Every morning

What happens every morning, no matter how early I wake up or how quietly I tiptoe through the house: minutes after I sit down to scrawl my mornings pages, or write a post, or meditate, my son wakes up, and that is the end of my attempted “me” time. 

It’s the story of my life. 


  1. How do they do that?? Lol. Isaac does the same thing. I just stay in bed and get on my phone to pray/read blogs/look at my schedule, etc. As soon as my feet hit the floor it seems like he’s up.

  2. My house, too! It’s like my daughter has some sensitive connection to “change” in the house – no matter how soundly she’s sleeping or how quiet I am before I go to bed, when I actually go to bed and shut off the light she almost always cries out in her sleep. And, in the morning, when I wake up, she almost always cries out (even though there’s no way she could’ve heard me). Luckily in both cases she generally continues sleeping, but still – the question remains – how does she know?!

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