A Beautiful Commute

My commute is 30-45 minutes long. It sometimes drives me crazy, but I can never deny how incredibly beautiful it is.

There are two freeways that run the length of the peninsula between San Francisco and Silicon Valley. 101 runs right through the middle of it all. It’s plastered in billboards and most of the time it’s a parking lot.

Luckily I don’t have to spend much time on 101. Instead I get to drive down 280, which cruises along the Santa Cruz mountains, right past the Crystal Springs Reservoir. It’s magical.

Most mornings fog perches on top of the mountains and feathers through the trees. It curls along the top of the water and dances with the shore. It is breathtaking.

Last Friday my daughter didn’t have school (Lunar New Year) so I had a few spare minutes to stop and take some pictures of this little paradise I get to drive by every day. How this paradise exists between San Francisco and Silicon Valley is a mystery to me.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse of it in these pictures, which truly don’t do it justice.


  1. Thank you so much! It is a lovelier commute, though I know it too backs up.
    I hope the peace of this picture held for at least the first 5 minutes of your school day. The land is protected from development currently because of the public water resevoir….. I hope this lasts as the intent is to protect the water from pollution. The current federal administration however has displayed no interest in protecting US drinking water so this may be endangered.

  2. I answered yesterday and saw my reply post but now it is gone. Hope I was not offensive. Your commute is beautiful. The reservoir is why development has not happened yet, protected water purity.
    Thank you for posting. I loved the pictures. Have a wonderful weekend.

      1. Both show now. Both earlier disappeared and did not show. Heaven knows what happened ~~ it may have been on my machine and no one else’s.
        Thank you and I hope your weekend went well. Also hope this wet week upcoming goes smoothly for all of your family and all the wet travel.
        Cheers and THANK YOU!!!!

  3. Beautiful photos! I often feel uplifted by beauty when I’m on a normal commute.

    It looks like home – some of your photos could easily be New Zealand!

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