I’ve wanted to write this week, but by the time I get the dishes washed, lunches packed, coffee maker ready, laundry folded and clothes laid out, it’s already way past my bedtime. I’ve also had to utilize every minute of prep time at work just to stay on top of things. But now it’s Friday and there is just a little space to breathe, so I’m making the time to get a few thoughts down, before this week is over.

I did it! All by myself! I got the kids to school/daycare, and me to work, on time two mornings this week. It was chaos, and chocolate chip cookies were involved, but by gosh, we made it happen. I’m still in shock.

Springing forward totally threw us for a loop this year. My 2-year-old is still falling asleep LATER than he would have before the time change. Unfortunately he is not waking up later. I feel like I’ve been scammed. I’m not happy about it.

While I hate what it’s done to our sleep, I LOVE the lighter afternoons. Twice this week we took advantaged of the lingering sunlight to play at the park or scooter on the blacktop. The warm days after a week of grey wind and rain only added to our delight.

On a related note: my allergies are going crazy right now. A winter of decent rain fall, followed by warm sun equals crazy pollen counts. I want to rip my eyes out of my head and scratch my throat all day long. It’s miserable. My daughter has been similarly affected. Even my students have been commenting on it. It seems no one is safe.

My mother spent the night on Tuesday so she could take my son to school on Wednesday (I have to be at work earlier on Wednesdays and was worried that, with traffic, I wouldn’t make it). After she dropped him off, she went back to my house and did a big clean. It looks amazing, and I’ve been working hard all week to keep it picked up. I really do love a clean house. I hope that some day I can manage to keep our spaces neat. A girl can dream.

I don’t miss my husband yet but he’s only been gone three nights. Maybe after another two I’ll start to miss him? I’m kind of panicked that I never will miss him, and then I’ll wonder what that means.

I have not looked into marriage counseling yet; it’s on my to-do list for tonight. Nothing like cocktails, a movie and google-searching marriage counselors for a fun Friday night!

I went for a run yesterday and it ended up being one of the most unpleasant five miles of my life. I kept getting side stitches, and no amount of deep belly breathes kept them at bay. I was super tired the whole time, I actually had to work at not closing my eyes while I ran! It was the first day of my period, and my prolapse was uncomfortable. In the end my knee hurt and by the final mile my hips hurt. I never get knee or hip pain when I run so that was disconcerting. There are few times when I make myself exercise and regret it, but yesterday was definitely one of them. I am excited not to have to work out tonight though!

It was insanity getting my grades ready for Wednesday, but once that was done I road the wave of manic productivity and changed my general practitioner and my kids’ pediatrician to doctors at a new campus closer to my house. I am excited to have this excuse to ditch our pediatrician because I was not a fan, but I would have hated seeing someone else at her office (conflict averse much?!) lest I run into her in the waiting room one day. The new campus opening closer to us was a perfect excuse to switch, and I even got a recommendation from a friend for her pediatrician, who was taking on new patients!

This afternoon I’m seeing my new GP about some tendinitis/overuse pain in my pointer finger. It’s not bad, but it’s not getting better and I want to make sure I’m not doing anything to exacerbate it. I can’t decide if I’m going to ask her about this thing in my nose (I think a zit?!) that has been super painful for over a month. It’s in a weird spot that I can’t see, and it’s really bothering me, but I hate asking someone to look up my nose. Ugh. Noses are gross.

Rec and Park’s summer camp registration is this Saturday. I want to get my daughter into a really impacted camp for the first three weeks of her break because I still have school then. I will be at my computer at 10am vigorously refreshing the registration page. Crossing my fingers I get her in.

Thinking about summer camp has me thinking about summer break in general. I actually have two really fun trips planned this summer (more about them later), so I’m looking forward to July. I’m also thinking about having surgery for my pelvic organ prolapse in early August. I sent an email to my OB specialist to request an appointment to discuss the pros and cons again.

And…I guess that is it for now. I got through this insane week, and I’m still in one piece. Wonders never cease!

What are you up to these days?


  1. Congrats on making it through your “single mom” days. I do it quite often (with only one kid for a few more months) and you just somehow figure it out. That’s just what moms do. 🙂

    1. I do plenty of “single momming,” and it doesn’t really phase me (well, that’s not true–it exhausts me, but I don’t stress out about it). It was getting two kids out the door by 7:30am that stressed me out. That I don’t do much, and it’s really hard, especially when they both are slow movers and are constantly fighting with each other. Also arrival times were not flexible, not for any of the three of us, and with three people, and city traffic, there are a lot of variables. I had serious doubts I was going to make it on time to my daughter’s school or my own, and I’m really proud that we managed it.

  2. Not a school day goes by that I don’t acknowledge how damn lucky we are that nobody has to be somewhere EXACTLY on time (my son should be at school on time but his school is amazingly forgiving in that first 15 minutes when they are having breakfast). It is incredible to me that anybody can pull it off without an enormous amount of stress, which sets the tone for the whole damn day.

  3. What am I doing? Working. In fact, I haven’t had a day off since January. Yes, I know it’s March. LOL I’m crossing my fingers today might be that elusive thing called a day off because that’s way too many consecutive days of work and I’m fried. Sure there were a couple that were HALF days. LOL But it’s still too much. Obviously, I’m not doing much else.

  4. Just ran a load of laundry… and discovered, too late, a cheap paper napkin was in the load ~ in error obviously. It dissolved partially… no big whole piece left, lots of tiny fragments which is why I called it a cheap napkin. Irritating nuisance. And I am sharing because even when other things become simpler life still continues. AND, I am laughing because I am so lucky that that is a nuisance in my life. Your children will grow, things will be better and a paper napkin in the wash will always be a nuisance.
    Congrats on new closer doctor, grades done, survival of the single parenting thing. Single parenting on a part time basis is WAAAY harder than doing it full time as full time means everyone gets the drill and that is the habit. GO YOU!!!!! Summer plans! Hurrah.

  5. You are a rock star!! Way to go on doing everything and getting it done. Hooray to productivity; it’s so weird how good that feels knowing that’s just a few things off your list. Phew. In regards to missing The Hubs…I often find that my significant other makes it harder when he’s involved. Why? Eh, probably b/c I already know what I’m going to do and have a certain way of doing it…he just complicates things. I know, bad. I love him, I really do lol. Give it some time.

  6. What a week you had!!!! Busy!

    My week was spring break…. Potty training. Our trip at the end fucked it all up because my in-laws let him wear a pull-up at home. Ugh. That’s ok though. The end of my week was all about my 40th, so fun!!!

  7. Congrats on getting the you and the kids ready 2 days this week. Woot-woot! And it sounds like you’ve made some good progress on some of those “Need to do this, but it’s not vital stuff” AND your grades. Way to go!

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