It’s turning out to be a deliciously low key weekend. Of course, it’s not even half over, and my daughter’s been gone for all of it so far.

I will say that together my children create a certain amount of conflict that makes parenting one of them feel WAAAAY easier that it probably actually is. Not only do I only have to meet the needs of one child, which is logistically simpler, but I don’t have to keep the two of them from attacking each other while I’m attending to those needs. Parenting just one kid, when you’ve become accustomed to two feels like a vacation. You may even (GASP!) manage to get some shit done!

This morning my son and I had to stay at home until 10am so I could be at my computer at 10am for summer camp registration. By some miracle I got on the website not long after it went live (there was a lot of ERROR-SITE OVERLOAD messages and refreshing going on) and managed to get my daughter signed up for the four weeks of camp I needed at the end of her school year when I’m still teaching. My friend didn’t get on until 5 minutes after me and the first week of camp was already filled. Summer camp registration is no joke.

I also signed my daughter up for four weeks of drama and dancing camp at the end of the summer. There is a part of me that feels guilty about that–I’m off then and don’t NEED her to be in camp), but mostly I’m just really excited to have some me time to look forward to this summer. We’d both go crazy if she were home for ten weeks, I’m sure a fun camp will make those weeks more enjoyable for both of us.

I also need her in camp on of those weeks because I’m going to Colorado for five days to meet up with some blogging buddies and run a half marathon. I’m super excited for the trip, both to hang out with women who have become genuinely close friends (despite significant geographical distances, and never having met face to face) and to get away from my family for a bit.

We also have a trip planned as a family, to visit my aunts, uncles and cousins (and their kids) in St. Louis. My uncle recently bought a “farm” (basically a giant house on a ton of land) about an hour outside of the city and all of my father’s family (including my parents) will be spending 4th of July weekend there. Some of us will be staying at the farm for a whole week, including my cousin whose kids are almost exactly the same age and gender as mine. There is a quarry with water so clear you can see 60ft to the rocks below, with a pontoon boat for partying and a little row boat for fishing. There is also a creek winding through some trees, and fields of grass as far as the eye can see.

Growing up in Hong Kong we spent the entire summer in St. Louis and I am very close with my cousins. I love spending time with them and their kids, and I can’t wait for my kids to have some cousin time too. When we were young my uncle’s family (the same one who owns the farm) had a house in the Ozarks, right on the lake, and we spent a week there every summer fishing, water skiing and swimming off the dock. It was the one week my dad spent with us in the States, and the one week my aunts and uncles took off to hang out with us. Those weeks at the Ozarks hold my fondest childhood memories and I have high hopes that this new farm will be the back drop for the same happy times for my children. I really can’t wait to spend the week there, especially since it will probably be the last summer our grandmother will be with us to share in the fun.

The time has changed, the days are warmer and I definitely have summer on the brain. With the start of the third trimester we only have twelve weeks left of school. In two weeks it’s spring break and then a two month marathon to summer. Looking forward to that time, I’m thankful to have decided not to look for a new job. I’m elated that those weeks can be for me to replenish myself for the school year ahead.

What do you have planned for the summer months?


  1. I’m hoping to ship the girls off for grandparent camp and great aunt/uncle camps, maybe close together, so we can replace our dining/living room floor. The previous residents’ dog destroyed it and the gross factor is getting to me. I always figure that camps are going to be more fun than trying to entertain the girls at home so there’s no harm in sending them off for adventures (also sending them out to play alone, etc.). No guilt in my book. It sounds like you have excellent summer adventures planned! Have fun!

    1. Yay for grandparent camp! I’m hoping I can make book a long weekend of “grandparent camp” and have a staycation with my husband at some point during the summer. Grandparent camp is the best!

  2. Summer camps registration makes me cringe and start wondering what I the heck am I going to do with these two for those long summer months. Good for you!
    Your summer sounds amazing. And go you! on the Marathon. So awesome.
    I have a trip, about a week and half, planned the first couple of weeks of June, to California (Legoland, San Diego) and hoping to branch put to see the Gran Canyon. We’ll see!
    Have a great time!

    1. Half marathon! I’ve done a full and I don’t plan to do another for a long time! 😉

      That trip sounds awesome. I’ve never braved Legoland but I’ve heard good things. I hope you have a great time!

  3. My (oldest) baby starts kindergarten this summer (August). We’re doing one last hurrah-off season vacation this spring.

    I’m glad you have some down time and time for yourself planned. You deserve it!

    I hear you on the two versus one kid thing. I usually give my two girls a shower at the gym after their swim class. My youngest is still young enough to go with her dad in the men’s locker room so when she occasionally does that it’s so so much easier just to do one kid and not have to stop pushing and fighting etc.

  4. Reading about things like the summer camp registration problem makes me glad I live where I do — while there are options that are full now, basically, signing up for camps is something one just needs to get done “sometime in the spring.” I did do our sign ups once we got summer travel pinned down — visiting family for 3 weeks mid-summer; all the rest of summer will be spent in camps. Not a wit of regret or guilt about this from my side, we did one summer of half-day camps, discovered much DS loved them and how many great full-day camps exist around here, and jumped in with both feet. There are plenty of daytime hours in the summer to spend with him even when he is in camp 8-5 (+/-, varies by camp) every weekday.

  5. Life is so much easier with just one kid, especially when it’s Matthew. He’s so mellow and easy-going. Bryson is super funny and has a HUGE personality, but can be very exhausting!

    You should see my kids camp schedules. They’re is NO shame in shipping them off to camp! Everyone is happier when they have things to do. Matthew is signed up for 8 weeks of camp and Bryson had 6 weeks. I feel no shame!

    You know my big plan for the summer!!!! After that, we’re headed to a cabin in Nebraska for a few nights. We need to get to Chicago, too, to see my sister.

    I can’t wait for summer!!!!

  6. Hope I get to meet you when you’re in CO! I told Mrs T that I’m not running but I can cheer you ladies on. 🙂

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