Cartoon Fall

This morning I slipped on my daughter’s homework folder and came down on my tailbone. Hard. Like, really hard.

In the moment it felt like slow motion, like a cartoon fall. I swear my legs were as high as my head before my body hit the floor.

It happened right in the door way to the kitchen, and the kitchen tiles are higher than the hardwood floor of the living room. That intersection is right where my tailbone landed.

To say it hurt would be a grave understatement. Holy shit, was it painful.

I lay on the ground for a long time, hyperventilated between sobs. My husband and kids were freaking out. It was kind of awful.

But at one point my son reminded me to take deep breaths. “Sniff a flower and blow out a candle Mommy.”

I did and I immediately felt more calm. I was able to gain control of myself and eventually I even managed to roll over.

I’ve been lying on the couch a lot, with a cold pack under my butt and back. Thankfully we had my husband sleep in my daughter’s room last night, in an attempt to get him a good night’s sleep, so is well rested enough to manage the kids with little assistance from his banged up wife.

Ugh, so not how I wanted to start the weekend.


  1. Oh no! I’m sorry! I’ve caught a bug my son had a week or so ago and am weirdly grateful it’s a weekend, so I can rest … hope that’s a positive for you too, though of course, a lousy way to need to spend an otherwise lovely weekend!

  2. OH MY GOOD GLORY! What a horrible and painful injury. Pay attention and get more help if needed … tail bone bruises can be long lasting and the jarring goes right up the spine so whip lash things need to be watched for as well.
    Dreadfully sorry and sending the very best wishes that the injury, while awful, heals quickly and easily.
    SO not what you need for this weekend and the holiday seasons!

  3. Oh my gosh, that is the cutest saying ever! Totally using it with my kids.

    Sorry again about your tailone injury. Those are SO freakin’ painful. If you get the time/extra cash, a visit to my chiropractor helped me SO much when that happened to me. Good luck!

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