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So! You lovely ladies totally came through and the discussion on that last post was f*cking amazing. So, so interesting, insightful and thoughtful. You absolutely inspired me in the writing of my post.

And I would be putting up that post instead of this one, except…well, life. Early this week my daughter had a few nights that were really hard. They were the kind of nights that make me think things about being a mom that I don’t think most mothers think. They were really, really hard, the kind of hard that makes me wonder if I’m going to make it through the next few years with my sanity in tact. The kind of hard that makes me fear for my daughter’s future contentment.

And then last night, right when things were getting better at home, I had two PTA meetings, one for each of my kids’ schools.

So yeah. The post isn’t written yet. I’ve had a lot on my mind, and I’ve been emotionally exhausted. The only thing that got me through some parts of it, honestly, was the conversation happening on this blog. I so appreciated being able to engage in a meaningful discussion about a topic that interests me, especially when real life was totally overwhelming.

I plan to have the post up Monday. I have all my links ready, and my thoughts mostly organized. I am so looking forward to getting it all down (parts of it are written already), and then putting it out there. I am very much looking forward to the discussion that I hope will follow.

I’m sorry that conversation isn’t taking place today. It’s frustrating when life gets in the way, but I’ve been around long enough to get over it and let it go. I apologize for not following through in the way I planned, but I promise I will follow through eventually.

I hope you all have a great weekend. See you on the other side.


  1. I am just catching up on your blog posts – rough nights here too! And I have lots of thoughts but I wanted to throw one idea at you re: work- one you may have very well considered so you can tell me to stuff it. I don’t know how fluid your Spanish is- I am guessing very. My cousin is a freelance translator for the court system in Chicago and makes a very comfortable living while really feeling like she is helping people who need it. I am sure the Bay Area has similar positions…it seems to me like your knowledge of Spanish might be of more value than you think…ok, again, I hope this wasn’t too off base!

  2. Simply sending support. Hope your husband was able to be present and lend support. Crossing fingers things improve; cold, damp, wet, grey make it all harder. I am so sorry your daughter is having such a very tough time and making life more difficult all around.

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