We survived the party. As always seems to be the case, I spent the whole time running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I hardly got to exchange two words with each guest, but I’ve been told people had a great time.

The bouncy house arrived late but we had scheduled it to come early, so that was okay. The sun was shining until the minute the party started, when the wind and fog rolled in. Some woman went around collecting the little envelopes from my scavenger hunt (WHY?!) but I was able to re-hide most of them before the kids realized.

My husband has told me many times that it was a success. My daughter enjoyed herself. I suppose we can call it a win.

All told my daughter did a great job. She remained fixated on presents, but with gentle (and sometimes stern) reminders she stopped asking after them. She was constantly wanting the party could be over so she could just go home and focus on the presents, and in the end she left with my husband before some of her friends because the waiting was just too much. That happened after the end time written on the invitation so technically she made it.

She was excited about everything she received. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t a bunch of plastic junk (Barbies, Littlest Pet Shops, etc). It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I’m still glad it’s over.

Now we just have to clean up the house for grandparents to come this Tuesday, which is her actual birthday. Grades are due Friday, but I’m not too behind on those. Waking up this morning, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted.

There is still much to do, but the party is over and that was causing me a fair amount of stress; hosting large amounts of people is not my forte. Now that it’s done, I can focus on the week and a half left of school, and what I hope to accomplish before St. Louis.

It finally feels like summer is around the corner.

{A big thank you to everyone who reached out on my last post. I was really struggling last week. I quickly regretted putting that out there, as I hate for a post to be nothing more than a stress vent, but what’s done is done and I can’t take it back. I hope someday I learn that publishing posts like that only adds to the stress in the world, and that a strategic email to a good friend is probably a better place for thoughts like those. I do think I’ll learn that someday, but the lesson will require more mistakes like Friday’s. I endeavor to be patient with myself along the way.}


  1. I’m so glad that the party went well, and also that she could leave when she’d really had enough. But most of all, that it’s over!

  2. Thank you for the party update. Sounds like it went well.
    But most of all, THANK YOU for normalizing that we all get stressed by too much on our plates. That is a huge gift to your readers…..
    And, good luck with getting to the end of school year and taking that deep breath of PAUSING.

    1. Agreed. It’s ok to be stressed and worried about things and it’s ok to share what’s real on your blog if you want. Life isn’t easy and that’s fine and it helps me a lot to know party prep is stressful for everyone.

      1. I really hate party prep. I kind of hate the actual party too. I just don’t ever get to enjoy them while I’m throwing them. What is the fun in working so hard to run around like crazy during the actual party?!

  3. It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!! You are almost there! Yipeeeee.
    We are holding wonderful thoughts for you.

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