This week I begin my summer break. On Thursday I will officially be done with the 2014-15 school year. I swear it can’t come soon enough.

Last week was pretty rough. On Monday, after the insanity that was my daughter’s birthday party, I finally had a moment to breathe. My body recognized that the situation was no longer dire and promptly dropped all defenses against the cold that was evidently waiting in the wings. By Monday night my throat seared with pain; I can’t remember my throat ever hurting that bad. During the kids’ bedtime routines I was hot, lightheaded, shivering and riddled with body aches. At 9pm I walked out of my daughter’s room, told my husband (who had been on a conference call) that he would have to clean the house himself, and passed out.

I had to go to work on Tuesday because I’m out of days and didn’t want to get docked pay. We had a staff meeting, which only lengthened the torture. Then it was my daughter’s family celebration at our house (Tuesday was her actual birthday), which thankfully didn’t last too long. Tuesday night I was asleep by 9:30pm.

I slowly started feeling better by the end of the week. I haven’t been that sick in a really long time. I’m not surprised it happened. I’m prone to being taken out by some virus after a couple weeks of steady stress. The whole ordeal was entirely predictable.

Friday at work was a total shit show. Being stuck between two administrators who are leaving this year and truly DON’T GIVE A FUCK, and one who can’t possibly be on top of everything at two schools (and isn’t really being offered the opportunity at ours) is a shitty place to be. The 6th grade foreign language situation is a shit show and my dual-campus schedule is a cluster fuck. I’m supposed to meet with the new principal of the other middle school this Wednesday, even though as it stands now, I can’t actually work at both schools because on one day there is a 35 minute overlap in my schedule. How much you want to bet the issue still isn’t resolved by the time we meet?

So much at work is still up in the air. I’m working hard at accepting the uncertainty, but I’m extremely stressed out. Next year is going to be unpleasant on so many levels–I so wish I’d looked for a new job when there were more openings. I check edJoin every day, but there are no full time Spanish positions in the area. I’ll most likely have to live through this shit in my district next year and hope like hell I can find a new job for 2017-18. Oh how I hope I can find a new job.

But it’s not all bad. Summer is about to begin. And it’s not the only thing that’s starting. Yesterday I started training for my half-marathon. For the next month and a half I’ll be running four times a week instead of exercising for three. I haven’t been off the elliptical for that long since we got it! I’m excited, and a little anxious, to start upping my mileage. I’m also very thankful that both kids will be in daycare/camp for part of the week days so it will be easier to schedule runs.

I’m also embarking on a bit of a personal writing project. It will take place offline and I doubt I’ll be sharing much of it here, but I’m eager to see where it will take me.

And so this week, many things begin. All of them positive. I’m so ready to get out from under the weight that is work right now, and enjoy some much needed time in the sun.


  1. Oh how your stresses and mine are so similar at this time in my life. My first stress was the addition of a third baby which in actuality has turned out to be the biggest blessing. We were blessed with an (adorable) happy easy going little guy that our two daughters ADORE. However work is pretty much the pitts (with the drama of office politics) on top of my position being rehired due to funding (meaning I have to reapply for my own position and could lose it a number of ways). Not to mention we can no longer afford our mortgage so we either have to make some drastic cuts or sell our home and rent until we can buy something more affordable, which to me feels like a huge failure when it shouldn’t. Our life situation has changed and instead of embracing the amazing family we have I have anxiety about starting over! Not to mention I have used all of my leave for maternity leave for the entire year so no vacations or sanity breaks until after September 🙁 Let’s pray the children can remain healthy that long so I don’t have to use Leave Without Pay. I want to train for something soon. The schedule as well as the exercise is always a stress reliever for me.

    1. Wow, that sounds like a lot! I hope some of that gets resolved (positively) and soon. So glad that baby number three is bringing nothing but joy!

  2. 4 more days! Yay! I keep saying I’m going to train for a half-marathon but can never actually commit to doing it.
    I also get sick after periods of major stress, its like my body suddenly lets its guard down and BOOM, sinus infection/cold/strep throat/flu.

    1. I’m almost done with my first week and it’s been majorly disheartening. At least there are only five more weeks!

  3. I could immediately tell that you were ready for a break as your second sentence into the blog post said that you were finishing up the 2014-2015 school year! Unless this is a recycled post. 🙂

    You survived! Sorry you got sick, but now that you are feeling better you can enjoy the summer!

    1. No, not a recycled post. I totally didn’t catch that either! Ha!

      Definitely hoping to enjoy the summer now that I’m better. I just wish my allergies would chill out!

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