Finding Time

I have not been finding time to write here. I’m doing so much new stuff at work that I have to spend more time preparing than I used to. By the end of most nights, the idea of sitting down to write isn’t very appealing. 

I also feel like I’d be saying the same thing over and over again, which no one wants to read. So I don’t say anything at all. 

But I hate to be away from this space for weeks at a time. It feels like something is missing. 

Last week was hellaciously busy. It was a really stressful week and at the end of it I was so relieved it was over. This week is better but next week is much of the same. October is a nuts month for us. It seems I best keep my head down and focus on putting one foot in front of the other. 

I read the blogs of people who seem to thrive on the busy-ness of life. I thought I was one of those people, but the older I get and the better I know myself, the more I realize I am definitely NOT. I’d much rather have a string of nights with nothing to do, than an event every evening. Did I used to like being busy and at some point I changed? Or do I just know myself better now? In either case, I wish I liked being busy more, because it’s such an expectation these days, that we will make the time to go all manner of things: do more work outside of the regular work day, make time to help at our children’s school, be there for our friends, and of course be totally dedicated to our families. We can’t possibly do them all; we are set up to fail at one or more of them. The game is rigged against us, so I guess we have to change the the rules. 

Too bad I’ve always been such a rule follower. Changing the rules is something I really struggle to do. 

How do you manage the busy in your life?


  1. My life is currently spinning out of control with all the busy I have. I can’t even process everything I need to get done. If you find a magic way to get all the busy done, please let me know. And you know, sometimes writing the same thing over and over is helpful to readers too. I feel like all I do is write the same thing. But it’s my therapy. I’m reading, and I’m terrible at commenting. However, I do read and feel your struggle as you face the changes in this year and all the new busy. Hugs lady, I am with you

  2. I used to thrive on busyness. Now I feel like I miss so much being so busy. I miss all the small moments I want to cherish with my young kids. The night routines and snuggles, the slow mornings. Now we are in a mad dash to get everyone where they need to be and my head on so I can perform my own job (which I used to love and now it is just time away from my people) with some confidence in knowing what I am doing and doing it competently. I prefer to have nothing to do now than be so busy all the time.

  3. even 2 lines of “super busy and tired” are appreciated. BUT, you need to take care of you first. It is interesting to me that you have posted before disbelief that we (your readers) appreciate even short small posts and do not think anyone could find your posts interesting and helpful. But we do. Among other things it keeps me aware of how totally burnt out your generation is; and that is good for my relationships with those IRL in my family. You are always appreciated. BUT you first.

  4. Its hard to find time when there’s so much going on. But then the flip is feeling bored. For me, a mix of the two is best as I need my downtime but also need the business to get things done. I think those that thrive have found this balance for them. Hopefully you’ll find that balance too as I know you’ve been extremely busy lately.

  5. I have always known that I dislike schedules and plans; I thrive when my calendar is relatively empty. This was reinforced by the birth of my son, who, when he was small, always preferred to stay at home and do *nothing* (well, he wanted to play with me). So, I’m good at giving myself and my kids a lot of program-free time.
    However, I was very, very lonely at one point in my life and my nr 1 wish was to have loads of friends and a really active social life. I more or less have that now – well, by middle age standards – but I’ve noticed that it’s hard for me to maintain this kind of situation. I often feel that I’m neglecting someone or just barely coping with all unwritten social demands that come with that many connections. I’m happy and grateful for my friendd, it’s just that I don’t seem to have the social “knowledge” needed to deal with many interconnecting relationships.

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