No heat for us this winter and it’s cold in the mornings. Really fucking cold.

We have a space heater in our bathroom and it can get that super small space warm pretty quickly. The promise of that heater is the only way I can get my daughter out of bed in the morning. She performs her entire morning ritual in that 4x4ft space.

When I realized we needed to do part of our vision therapy regimen in the morning, I knew I’d have a hard time getting my daughter to do it at her desk. Except, what if she didn’t have to?


Now that is what I call ingenuity.


  1. This is gong to sound grinchy…but does your tenant have heat? In California adequate heat is required to make a rental habitable…Health and Safety Code 17920.3(a)(6).

    I know you’ve written a lot about trying to save money and stop spending…and there are sadly lots of people who can’t afford the basics in life…but this seems like something that is definitely worthy of putting on a credit card or borrowing from your parents for. And if you guys are still eating out/doing takeout etc. as you described before, but have no heat? That boggles my mind.

    1. Oh, and we’re not eating out/doing take out anymore. We’re on a really tight budget to stay in the black right now, especially during vision therapy. And honestly, even if we could fix the fallen duct and get them cleaned, turning on the heat would add $100+ a month to our PG&E bill, which we also can’t afford.

        1. It is what it is. Luckily it hasn’t been that cold so far this winter, at least not consistently.

          Write after I wrote that comment above about how we fix things in our tenants unit our new tenant sent a laundry list of things we need to fix. Have I mentioned how much I HATE being a landlord? Nothing like fixing stuff for someone else when you can’t afford to fix it for yourself.

      1. Running a space heater males your electric bill really expensive, too. So would you actually net $100 in additional expense?

        Also, when you say it’s really cold, how cold is it? I know it’s not the same as here in New England, but after 24 hours without heat, our house is barely inhabitable.

        1. We only run the space heater in that small room for a small amount of time in the morning. I don’t think that costs as much as running it every morning and every evening.

          When I say it’s cold, I mean it gets into the high 30’s/low 40’s at night, which means it’s probably in the high 40’s/low 50’s in our actual house (we don’t have great insulation) in the morning. So even our coldest mornings aren’t that cold, and some mornings are warmer. Honestly, there have only been a handful of mornings where my hands were really cold no matter what I piled on. So no, it’s not like the east coast at all.

  2. OMG no heat! I ran so much heat this winter that I may have to take a leaf out of your book for next winter……..

    I love how she is totally addicted to princess dresses!

  3. I used to fight with my sister over the heart vent in our room when we were kids. We’d sit in front of it as we got dressed in the morning. 😁

    It looks like she’s enjoying herself doing her therapy. That’s great!

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