Kind of Killing It

I have one week until my daughter’s school starts on Monday 8/15. That Wednesday is my first required professional development day. We’re in the final stretch.

At this point my main goal is TO GET ALL THE THINGS out of my house. And by ALL THE THINGS I mean the stuff I don’t want anymore.

After much procrastination (I think because I assumed no one would want them) I posted the old bike with the two seats and the play kitchen on Craigslist Friday afternoon. By Saturday at noon they were both sold. A friend from out of town took all of my son’s old stuff (well, her mom took it for now), and another friend will be picking up my daughter’s old clothes this week.

Now I just need to donate the crib, drop a sizable box of electronics at the things-with-batteries-and-wires recycle center, and donate my clothes to Good Will and I will be good to go! I’m kind of killing it right now. It feels fucking fantastic. I just might meet my goal after all! Woot!

Now back to more lice-prevention laundry. There is ALWAYS more lice-prevention laundry.

{Also, my son has been turning on his light to play in his room until well past 10pm for ever a week. Tonight I finally unscrewed the light bulbs enough that they wouldn’t turn on and after an epic 30 minute meltdown he fell asleep at 9pm. So I’m kind of killing it on the 2yo terror front as well.}

{{Full disclosure I waS two cocktails in when I wrote this post. It’s been a pretty good weekend.}}


  1. Foster family might appreciate crib IF it meets current safety standards. If it is not current and to standard then it ought to be junked not kept in service. No, I do not know current requirements, sorry!
    Really happy for you at all you are and have achieved! Hip Hip Hurrah for you.

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