New Family Traditions

I worry sometimes that we don’t spend enough time creating and cultivating our own new family traditions, but instead work only to preserve favorite traditions from our childhood (which are, of course, very important).

But then I was realizing that traditions don’t have to be a really big affair, they can be the little things we always do, that are small but still special and important.

I hadn’t recognized that we have created some of our own family traditions, like putting gel clings on our front door for the major holidays (and even in the downtime in between).

This morning we opened the new Halloween gel clings, and the kinds had a blast decorating the glass with them.

These days they can do it pretty much by themselves.

We also really love making these 3-D foam kits for the holidays. These are the ones we’ve made in the past for Halloween.


We keep them on top of the speaker above the TV for the month of October.

We already have a new set to make this year. I actually bought it last year but it was one of two I got and after making the first one, I didn’t have the time or energy to make this bad boy.

When it’s done I promise to share it with all of you.

What new family traditions have you created?

What are your favorite traditions at this time of year?


  1. Love the 3-d foam things. Great traditions you have going. Little things as traditions are super wonderful and memory builders.
    Thank you for posting on the weekend… the boost is appreciated.

  2. We accidentally started a tradition of making paper snowflakes for our Festive Winter Holiday tree when the kid was 3 and pregnancy 4 ended the first week of December. We had a bare tree set up & I couldn’t imagine a tree with the usual holiday ornaments with the sorrow in the background. We bought a pack of blue paper, declared it a blue Christmas, and made paper snowflakes. Since then we decorate the tree and make new snowflakes to put everywhere.

    Time for more traditions! Inspirational post!

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