Red Sun Over the City

We came back to a Bay Area blanketed in smoke. The setting sun was blood red before it disappeared completely behind the wall gray wall, only to emerge again right above the horizon.

When we left the North Bay hadn’t been engulfed in flames. Now entire communities have been consumed.

I gathered four giant trash bags of clothes to donate the victims, the people who lost everything. We will gather and donate more. There are no words to express the devastation.

It feels as if our country is being destroyed, piece by piece, by flood and flames.

The few friends I have in the North Bay are safe, and their homes are safe, at least they were when I last spoke to them. We shall see where the wind, and fire, goes.

So much loss and devastation in this country lately. Hard to wrap one’s head around.


  1. Agreeing with Mali.

    Over the summer, we learned that Seattle and Portland were being blanketed in ash due to fires. The forests I use to retreat to are now gone. But fire, though destructive, is also tends to bring new life. It can be the catalyst for bringing out the good in people.

    Thinking of everyone in California impacted by these fires and all they lost. Thankful they have a community filled with people like you who will help them.

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