I still have to go in tomorrow, but it’s just cleaning up my room, emptying (overflowing) recycle bins and sitting through one last staff meeting. Then I’m officially free.

My schedule remains a cluster fuck of epic proportions. I really don’t see how they expect me to do what they’re asking of me next year.

I do feel a certain amount of gratitude that it’s gotten this bad, because I think I needed the situation to reach critical shit-show before really getting serious about looking for another job. I needed a swift kick in the ass to spur me into action, and this bullshit schedule is definitely that.

I have been checking EdJoin for a couple weeks now, but nothing full time has popped up. Then today there was a new listing, for a Spanish/AVID teacher at a high school about 20 minutes from here. It’s 60% (three classes) Spanish and 40% (two classes) AVID (a program that helps B/C students who are willing to work hard succeed in more rigorous college prep classes). We had the AVID program at our school for years (until the state stopped funding it and we couldn’t afford to teach it “officially” anymore) and I was always interested in teaching the classes, but the two teachers never relinquished those periods, so I never had the opportunity. While the idea of having two preps is a little terrifying, I can’t deny that this position is pretty enticing.

So I spent the last two hours creating my profile on EdJoin. I’ve gone over my resume, decided on my references, fished out my old transcripts (it’s been so long since I had consider my past GPAs!), and looked up when my credentials expire. I’m hoping to apply by the end of this week (depends on when I can get my letters of recommendation). The post just went up today, and I’m out of town for two weeks in late June/early July, so the sooner the better.

I’m both excited and terrified, but mostly I’m proud to finally be taking this first step. Suddenly, life feels full of possibility.


    1. It’s so hard, and it taking me a shit ton of time. I don’t know how I’d do it if I were still working right now!

    1. Thanks. I am feeling pretty optimistic, not necessarily that I’ll get this job, but that I’m taking the steps to apply. That is a big step for me.

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