The Tipping Point

We’ve reached the tipping point with stuff. It is all over the house, like every clothing drawer and toy bin just exploded. I no longer feel I can manage it and the minute I pick it up, it’s everywhere again.

A second purge is in order. I’m really excited to have a go at the house. I need to do some serious pruning or I might drown.

In two weeks I have the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving off when my kids do not. I’m going to get so much done.

I just need to get through the next 17 days.


  1. I hear you. We recently were over at my childless friend’s house and I was like “ugh no clutter!” I was very envious…

  2. Thought of you today as I brought back my inlaws’ stuff to sell on FB, wondering what in the world I was doing bringing more stuff into the house. The stuff we left there and posted anyway sold. The 3 cabinets we brought back have not (yet… they will). My garage isn’t housing cars right now, and that’s upsetting.

    Purge, Noemi, purge!!!!

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