1. If they’re comfortable, I would wear them. If they’re not, I wouldn’t.

        But I own exactly 6 pairs of shoes (brown close-toed, black close-toed, brown sandal, black sandal, hiking boots (or tennis shoes), pool flip flops) so I’m probably not the right person to ask.

  1. Can you get them some shoe polish to hide the wear or some boot oil to shine them up? Or do your pants/skirts cover your shoes enough of the time you can skate by? I wouldn’t wear them to work (and I’m behind a counter 95% of my day so nobody sees the shoes anyway) but that’s because they look uncomfortable to me. My spouse suggests wearing them with vintage outfits as is.

  2. I didn’t even notice they were worn. I thought you meant the style. I wouldn’t wear them to work (bc I have to wear suits) but I would wear them if I was a teacher or worked in a lab, etc.

    They really don’t look that worn. I’m keeping a few pairs going with occasional polish touch ups. Your color looks a little hard to match with polish tho.

    1. I think they don’t look that worn in the picture, but in real life they do. I think when you can see that they are worn where my foot sticks out, it looks worse. Without my feet in them, they just look like they have some discoloration, but on they look shabby.

    1. I will look into that. Is it expensive? They aren’t a really nice pair of shoes, so I don’t want to spend a lot reviving them.

  3. For me, the question is what is the expectation of your employer? If it’s a casual/business casual work environment, then I think they are fine. To me, they have a kind of hand-dyed-indigo-thing going for them that could really work with some outfits.

    We have a formal (men wear ties, I wear heels and pearls) dress code, but even then I have been known to take a black sharpie to the backs of my heels where the leather wears when I am driving. Would a blue marker and/or some polish clean up the color if it bothers you?

    1. I don’t think my principal would ever say something to me about wearing them, it’s just whether or not I feel comfortable doing so. I haven’t figured that out yet, but as of right now I’m still wearing them from time to time. It’s winter now, so they come out less. They probably won’t make it to spring though, I really need to cull my shoes.

  4. I think it really depends on how you feel about them. I think most of the time the person wearing a particular piece is the only one who even notices or thinks about it, meaning most people won’t even notice your shoes or find them note-worthy at all. However, if wearing them makes you feel self-conscious that is something that does show to the world and greatly impacts your daily mood and outlook. The fact that you describe them as “really shabby” makes me think you don’t think they’re appropriate to wear, so in that case I’d probably replace them. If I were you I’d haunt the DSW clearance racks (especially now that winter is coming and similar flats won’t be in high demand). I’ve found wonderful flats there for under $20.

    Also, what is your holiday gift receiving policy? Is this something you could have on a wishlist?

    1. Remember though that she’s having money troubles. Unless this is her only pair of shoes, even a $20 pair may not be a good use of funds at this time. (Especially if this is just one of many things that doesn’t seem perfect, shiny, and new.)

    2. I think you are exactly right that it matters how I feel in them, and I’m starting to feel really self-conscious. As I said in another response to a comment, I can’t figure out if I’m more worried my colleagues would judge me or my upper middle class middle school students. 😉

  5. Did you wear them to work when they were newer? For me, the style would be too casual for work. But you’re on your feet all day, so I can understand wanting flats. I bet you could touch up those worn parts with fabric markers (I found a package of those at work a couple weeks ago, and I was so excited!).

    1. I did wear them to work before–actually I still am (my work is VERY casual, basically we just have to follow the dress code of the students, which is a certain length skirt and tank-top straps that are at least two fingers wide). I would love to touch up the worn parts but they are such a strange color, I don’t know if it would work. I touch up my black flats all the time though.

  6. Not knowing the atmosphere of the school that you work in, I think they are not appropriate to wear, because they are too worn. I agree with others who have mentioned “coloring” in the wear.

    1. I definitely want to try coloring the wear but they are such a strange color, I doubt I could match it and worry they would look worse if I did a bad job.

  7. oof. They are pretty worn. I have definitely worn shoes like that to work, not noticing how worn-out they were though. Not sure anybody noticed/cared. I like the idea of asking for new shoes (or giftcard to shoe store) for christmas. not a big deal to wear them for a few more weeks to get you there, if indeed you really have no other shoes that you can wear to work. I’ve mentioned this before, but are you sure there is no BuyNothingProject in your ‘hood? I ask because ladies are always giving away perfectly good shoes on there. Flats like that (I can’t see the brand, but the general style) are pretty cheap if you end up buying new. I’m sure you could get those for $10 with sales or at thrift/resale stores. The fill-in-scuffs-with-marker works a charm but you can only be sure of matching colors with true black—consider that for your next pair!

    1. I honestly don’t think I need to replace them. I wear them about once a week, maybe less. They aren’t my go-to flats, but they are helpful when the outfit calls for them. I think that is why I’m still wearing them, because I know I wouldn’t replace them, and they are so useful for a few things I wear a lot.

  8. I think if you can’t afford new shoes then wear them. Or wear another pair but definitely do not replace them. I think they look fine for a casual workplace. Afterall, I’ve seen many teachers wear Birkenstock type sandals in the spring which look much more casual and grubby.

  9. I wear the same pair of flats almost every day. If your pair was the pair I wore almost every day, I would replace them. If they were a pair that I wore in a rotation with others, I would not replace them but I’d probably relegate them to “casual days.”

    1. I think this is right. They are not a pair I wear regularly, though I do wear them about once a week. I don’t think I need to replace them, which is why I’ve kept wearing them despite how shabby they are beginning to look.

    1. I work in a casual environment too, and I’ve worn them to work a few times this year, but I do feel self-conscious in them. I’m not sure if I’m worried my colleagues would notice, or my upper middle class students. 😉

  10. I agree with the others…they look pretty worn BUT even though money is tight…could you cash in on an early birthday/Christmas wish from your husband or parents/in-laws? Anyhow, with Black Friday coming up maybe you could get a new pair with a steal or a price.

  11. Hmm..I guess I should clarify my “no”answer. I just personally feel self-conscious with scuffed-up shoes at work. At the same time, like others said, I don’t really notice other people’s shoes. I do wear a favorite slightly scuffed pair of loafers on weekends. It depends on the environment.

    1. I also feel self conscious about scuffed shoes at work, despite the relatively low-key atmosphere. They is why I asked what others thought. The answers were so eye opening!

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