At Work

I’m at work today, trying to get caught up on grading. The trimester ends next Friday and I would like to spend a day during the Thanksgiving break getting ready for the next trimester, with only some final tests and projects to grade and enter. Grading and entering scores is definitely my work-kryptonite. I’m perpetually behind.

Obviously spending a day-off at work is a bummer, but I do appreciate the time to get a ton done. It makes me miss my classroom though. My room used to be like a home away from home. I had cool posters all over the walls, and interesting stuff everywhere. I had a mini-kitchen set up around the sink and an oil diffuser and an extra sweatshirt for when I got cold. My classroom was where I stored stuff from home I didn’t have space for, and where I put up pictures of my kids and friends around my desk.

I don’t have any of that anymore. I sit at a work table in one of the classrooms I share and I get done what needs to get done. It feels very different. It doesn’t feel like a home away from home.

I miss my room so much. Every time I walk in there (it shares a door with a room I teach in so I can visit it from time to time) I get that pins in the back of my eyes feeling, but I refused to cry. It seems silly, I’m sure–it just a classroom! I honestly had no idea how much it meant to me until they took it away.

Well, I better start grading papers. That’s what I’m here to do.


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