When I started implementing the no-additives diet I wondered what changes I hoped to see in my daughter’s behavior. There were moments I worried I wouldn’t recognize an subtle improvement and might not even realize the diet was helping.

Then this weekend happened.

On Saturday my daughter was like a different kid. She was nice, affable, fun to be around. She laughed easily and made me laugh. She told me she loved me. Multiple times. She engaged her brother on his terms. She mentioned that she liked hanging out with him and found him enjoyable to be around. She took initiative and solved problems without asking for help, when before she would have whined until it was done for her. She was flexible and never got frustrated. Dinner was pleasant. Getting ready for bed was a game. She joked around. She told me she loved me again. And again. And again.

Mom, I love you.

It was like she was a different kid.

We’ve only been doing the diet for a week. Less than that really, and we haven’t strictly enforced it as we figured things out. Maybe this magical day had nothing to do with the diet (my husband’s take–he’s still not really on board), but I’m going to believe it did because it gives me hope and helps me keep going.

Sunday wasn’t as wonderful, but it was still a lot better than most days. We had our first really challenging diet moments at a birthday party when my daughter fixated on the marshmallows she couldn’t eat for a long time. I could tell she felt left out when she had to eat an ice cream sandwich instead of the cupcakes everyone else enjoyed (I tried to make her cupcakes at home but it just didn’t work out). But when we got home she was over it quickly and she still did have a good time at the party with her friends. I feel for her because I know how much it sucks to be the odd person out when it comes to food. I wish she didn’t have to be that kid, but if it really does help her feel better, it’s worth it.

Last week was REALLY hard for a lot of reasons. I’m so hoping that this week continues to remind us why we’re doing this, because it’s not easy, and it really helps to have hope.

Is there anything that you feel hopeful about right now?


  1. Keep up the good work!! It’s hard to get everyone on board but more and more good days like that one will prove that it is! And be aware that sometimes kids will still be kids and have bad moments or days that have nothing to do with food. Sometimes my kids are having s temper tantrum or whatever and my mom will ask, what did they eat? They didn’t eat anything bad, they are just being 2! Or 5! Or 10! Haha! But after a while you can tell the difference between a regular moment and a food induced moment! You’re doing a good thing!!

    1. Totally! That is a really good reminder. I appreciate it. I was thinking of that yesterday, when she was having a hard time at the birthday party. Of course it’s going to be hard not to be able to eat the stuff you want to eat, or eat a different treat than everyone else. The reality is she handled both problems much better than she would have normally.

      I was wondering if you’ve read much about magnesium supplements in kids with ADHD? I honestly think that is what has brought about this amazing change, because I heard it happens after about 3-4 days and that’s how long she’s been taking it. It’s amazing how much better she’s doing it. I think it must be that, because I know it takes much longer for the diet to help.

  2. Clapping for a win!!!!!!
    So glad for ALL of you.
    Lovely start to the week and fingers crossed it continues because a payoff of this nature makes the fight worth fighting.

    1. It has been a lovely start to the weekend. My daughter had a great morning, which pretty much never happens. This could all be the magnesium or it could be the diet or a combination of both but whatever it is, it’s giving me the strength to keep working on it. It is a lot of work and it’s hard for her and I feel bad that she has to feel different, but it’s worth it if she’s more like this than she was before.

  3. Alright!!! Go you! I know that the changes you are implementing, are slowly working. You’ll see the changes more and more. I’m excited for you!

  4. I SO hope that this diet makes the difference for you guys. How wonderful for everyone involved to feel more calm and content and happy in your daily interactions.

  5. Amazing! I will hope along with you that it was the changes you’ve made! My latest hope is that our feeding issues are turning a corner as E tried a grape popsicle twice now! and tried a new flavor of mac & cheese. Yeah!

  6. This is awesome news! My sister noticed a huge improvement in her son when their family went gluten free for her celiac daughter. I 100% believe that food contributes to health, behavior, etc.

    I’m feeling hopeful about earlier bed times in our house. We’ve put the kids to bed as early as 7:45 without issue. We need to make it the norm with school coming up!

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