I can’t look

This election has hurdled me into a tail spin of anxiety. To combat the horrible feelings of doom, I’ve done a lot of sticking my head in the sand. I know this isn’t the most socially responsible way to handle something as important as a presidential election, but this year it was all I could manage.


This is pretty much how I feel about today. I wish I could just wake up tomorrow, when it’s all over.


  1. Please tell me at least that you’re voting! Also, I’m not so sure everything will be calm tomorrow. But I’ll feel better once votes are counted. This is the first time I’ve ever donated to a political candidate, or volunteered for a campaign. I’m so nervous.

    1. Yes, I already voted. Though in California my vote doesn’t feel as important. Hillary will definitely win my state.

      And you’re right. Things will not be calm tomorrow. In fact, I have almost as much anxiety about what the next four years will look like with Hillary (constant investigations, impassible gridlock, deeper party divides, not to mention the anger and hate of all the people who have been emboldened by Trump and his message). But I am not as sure as others that she will win and I just can’t face Trump as president, so I need at least that uncertainty to be over with.

  2. I saw your beautiful kitty in my reader and it warmed my heart!

    It’s almost over…. Today has me nervous but at least the ads stop tonight and we’ll have some resolution. I have no doubts that Clinton will win, but I just thought about how out will feel if Trump wins. Not good… Not good.

    1. I am not as sure as you are that Trump will lose. Polls are not promises, and they don’t always reflect what is actually in people’s hearts. And many times, at the moment of truth, fears wins out over anything else.

  3. I can’t look either and as a government employee I am unable to loudly voice my opinion. The president/congress directly effects my day to day living so I hope and pray the better choice of the two is voted into office!

  4. Also in California, and also afraid. But, we went and voted this morning and now I’ll nervously wait…..I’m not nearly as confident as the polls either!

  5. CA here. I remember when ‘progressive & blue’ CA voted to remove rights from law abiding tax paying citizens that our Supreme Court had said were constitutional. And I am not talking about the evil done in WWII. I have no idea what the outcome will be. Or, when we will know … I remember chads in Florida too.
    You have lots of company in breath holding.
    I do hope that the propositions improve your options for employment.

  6. Just living north of the border. Very anxious about the result. It makes our politicians and process look better in terms of civility.

  7. Planned parenthood will need financial support. Write to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Gates and Apple and FBI and ask them to contribute. Get active in the political party of your choice today. Encourage everyone to be registered and TO VOTE IN 2018. No delays. Start now.

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