Insignificant Ailments

I have a few little ailments right now, just minor things that are bothering me. None of them is particularly significant, but together they are wearing my down.

I have a planter’s wart on the base of my big toe that I notice here and there, especially when I run. I sprained my index finger a while ago and sometimes it’s really sore. I have a zit or something in my nose that I can’t get at and there are days (after I try in vain to decimate the sucker) when every sniffle or flare of my nostrils sends a shooting pain up past my eyes. My allergies are crazy right now, so the nose zit can be really distracting.

And the allergies. Oh the allergies! Most days I want to gouge my eyes out and rip apart my throat. Everything itches! None of the over-the-counter stuff is touching my symptoms, but I found some Rx steroid nasal spray that hadn’t expired in my medicine cabinet and two days of that has lessened my suffering somewhat. I’m also using my Neti-pot daily, but my sinus are so stuffed up that frequently the water goes down my throat, which burns like a motherf*cker. Also, some days it makes me ears hurt. I think my ears/nose/throat tubing is kind of whack.

There are a couple of other aches and pains that I’m constantly trying to stretch out or massage. It’s all so minor, and yet in symphony they are making me kind of miserable.

I’m also tired. So, so tired. (2-year-old sleep regression WHHHHYYYYY?!?!?!) That probably isn’t helping any.

Two more days until spring break. I need this time off so badly. I’m trying to figure out what I want to get done and how much time I can take just for me. There is so much on my to-do list, I know I won’t get to it all, and then I’ll feel stressed and frustrated. I’m trying to prioritize and be realistic about what I can accomplish–not my strong suits.

I was day dreaming last night about what my spring break would look like if I could do what I really wanted: sleep in, eat out, get a massage, see a couple movies, get together with friends, luxuriate with a book on my bed (not clean my house, not go to work). Some of those dreams can’t come true: my daughter has school all next week so I’ll be up at 6am to get ahead of the morning routine and my friend cancelled on our night away so I’ll be home every morning. But I can approximate some what I dream of: I can afford to get lunch with my husband once and I could manage a 30 minute chair massage at the mall. I might be able to see a movie at the matinee price. All of my friends will be working, so I can’t meet up with anyone, but I can make time to read a book in bed (I just have to work at luxuriating in reading the book, and not spend the whole time thinking of everything else I could be doing).

If I work it right, I might just find the right balance of productivity and pampering. I just printed out a page with a space for each day and I’m starting to map it out. Five days seems like so much time, but when I pencil in the appointments I’ve made, and the day volunteering at my daughter’s school, and the day I need to spend at work organizing my room, correcting papers and planning, suddenly it doesn’t seem like much time at all. Especially when each day starts with taking the kids to school and ends, at 4:30pm, when I pick them up.

But it’s so much better than teaching. I have to remember that. And if I fit in a few of those things I really want to do, I might finish the week feeling refreshed. Hopefully the zit in my nose will be gone by then too. 😉


  1. It sounds like a good plan. I’ve been meaning to get a massage for months now, and the days and weeks just slip away. You definitely need to lie on your bed and read a book or just take a nap every day! It is as important to schedule in this rest and recovery time as any other appointment. If you don’t, you’re just short-changing yourself. I Hone it goes well.

  2. Unsolicited advice warning! the steroid nasal spray is OTC now (used to need an rx). it works so well! the oral allergy meds don’t help AT ALL but that stuff does wonders.
    I use the Neil-Med sinus rinse instead of Neti-pot and it doesn’t burn at all going down my throat. It makes me ears hurt when I do it, like I’m deep under water, but when my sinuses are really bad it really does work after a couple of days of doing it twice a day.
    The thing in your nose—not a zit. could be an infection? like if you scratched it or it got abraded by blowing/sneezing and bacteria got in, like a cut elsewhere. if its been there for a few weeks and not getting better, consider that.
    wart: duct-tape.
    re: the break. I know, it just goes so fast! But your plan sounds good. especially the reading in bed for a few hours. and the massage. and the not working. it all sounds good. I hope you enjoy.

  3. Ugh I hate those in the nose zit/whatever things. My husband and I both get them, usually right before a cold.

    I’m also dealing with a few minor (yet irritating) ailments. I’m trying to put off going to doctors until after my vacation a few weeks…

    I also feel like I sprained maybe? my right index finger…it comes and goes but sometimes it’s really achy and I can’t bend it is far as other fingers..,

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