I read some articles last night that shook me to my core. This is not just about a hateful, bigoted man running the country, this is about the possible (probable?) corruption of our institutions and the tearing apart of the very foundation of our country. This is not just the rolling back progress, but the destruction of everything we hold dear. 

I have been shaken in ways I never fathomed were possible in my lifetime. I feel like I’m living in a dystopian novel. There is this incredibly strong undercurrent, under every thought and feeling, to please just wake up from this nightmare. Please let it be the very worst dream. 

I’m holding my family close. They are what keep me going, what give me hope. I have to keep my head on straight, I have to keep fighting. For them. They deserve so much better. 


  1. Yes. These are scary times. And somehow I feel like the protests and calls to congress people and petitions are all part of the old system, and they do not work in the new system.

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