The Farm

My uncle’s farm is the most amazing place. It’s truly a hidden paradise. 

We got here on Friday and the weather was beautiful. We swam in the quarry and took out the boat. 

We woke up on Saturday to pouring rain and it’s still raining now on Sunday. It’s surprisingly too cold to play outside, but the house is big and the kids are playing with their cousins. The weather is supposed to get better tomorrow. 

This house is amazing, but I can’t wait for the sun to come out tomorrow. 


    1. Well, we have to fly to St. Louis to come here, so it won’t be regularly. But we are very lucky that when we visit our extended family we have such an amazing place to be.

  1. Paradise, indeed. Glad you at least got one good day of sun and nice weather.Relax and enjoy yourselves!

    1. Yeah, I’m so glad we got to be there on Friday afternoon. Definitely makes waiting out the rain a little easier.

  2. Absolutely fabulous! And glad there is some rain there so you have the tiniest taste of a reality that even on the farm it is not always amazing perfection.
    What is the job market like there? And real estate prices?
    SUPER DELIGHTED you all are having this vacation and family time together Hope it is refreshing and invigorating and gives you recuperation time from a tough year and that you return better prepared emotionally to face the upcoming school with some tranquility and joy in your soul.

    1. P.S. I never wanted to live there when I was growing up, but now I think about it all the time. If we were to move back to the States it would be our first choice destination. But moving back to the States is not that appealing, so… anyway, random tangent. Hope the trip is wonderful.

  3. Wow, that is gorgeous! I haven’t spent much time in that part of the country and now I think I’m missing out! So happy for you—hope the rain lets up and you get more gorgeous days

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